Thursday, March 6, 2008

Super Star Sister

I just read the most interesting blog that I've ever run into. It is by Kevin Kelly and it deals with the concept of "almost famous." My sister has the talent and drive to be an amazing force in drama and theater anywhere in the world. What is holding her back though is that she lives in Michigan of all places. We are not the cultural Mecca of the world, so here options are limited unless she uproots her life.

Kelly's blog excited me for her because it offered a new way to look at making a living with your talents. He suggests that you don't need super-stardom or nothing, you can shoot for 1000 true fans. Fan's who you have connected with so deeply, they will buy and/or support any work you do. These 1000 true fans allow a girl with amazing talent like my sister to follow her dreams without being broke for years waiting for that big break. Check it out, it is a truly unique read.

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