Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Long Car Rides

These long drives back and forth to Cleveland are giving me a great opportunity to enjoy audio books like I never have before. I just finished book one, Black, and I am on to the second book in Ted Dekker's Circle Trilogy, it's titled "Red".

The books about a man named Thomas Hunter who lives two complete lives in two different, but connected worlds. He lives in our modern world during a time in history where the world is dealing with a virus that is deadly and has infected everyone.

When he goes to sleep he is on earth, but at a time in the future, where human life has been restarted by God in an Eden type place after "The Great Deception...Virus" destroyed life on earth.

The books are a crazy circle, and impossible to explain properly on a blog, but you must read them. They present the relationship between humans and God in a profound way, and give you a great perspective on some of the harder questions most of us have about God. He deals heavily with evil, and why it must exist. Book two deals a lot with who is "chosen" by God, and what that might mean for us.

Great stuff. Extremely entertaining, yet profound insights in each book. I'm glad I am reading them for a second time. I'm picking up pieces that I missed before.

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