Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cleveland Blues

I'm getting a ton of work done on these 3 day trips to Cleveland. My productivity has got to be at an all time high as compared to the home office environment. But after spending last weekend alone with my wife, being away now for 3 days is even harder than usual. I miss her terribly...and the girls too. It's especially lonely because my host family is out of town. Their empty house is making me more emotional than normal. I picked a book off my friends shelf last night before bed. "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. I only got 20 pages in, but it started out strong enough that I think their site is worth linking to.

Exciting news today from the home front was that baby girl #3 is now projected to join us June 22, not July 9th. The sooner the better. I have patience issues, I want to hold that baby as soon as possible.

I'm leaving the office now, I'm going to be locked in if I'm not careful.

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S@rah said...

Sorry if I told you June 22, it is JULY 22!! Yikes! Two weeks later!