Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pictures in my Pocket

So Sarah gave me these new pictures of the girls last week. She took them in Monroe on a cool day at a historic park by the River Raisin. Her gifts with a camera are profound; these photos evidence this artistic gift that God has given her.

Being away from home is hard, there is no doubt. Your heart is in two places. (The main upside that I’ve found though is that it has caused me to pray more.) My days away though are filled with little shots of love whenever I open my briefcase. I’m greeted by the most beautiful photos of my daughters that have been taken to date.

Emersyn is smiling so big I’d swear her cheeks could pop. This caused her perfect little dimple to be exaggerated in a way that melts me. She is wearing a multi-colored, zip up sweater that is dominated by blues that seem to really match the color of her eyes. Her face is perfectly round, (shows the Ansel in her) but her nose is soft and shaped like her mothers. The way her hair crosses her forehead is the perfect frame for her beautiful features. I just love it.

Ashtyn looks like something from heaven. The light from the sun is adding a glow to her wind blown hair. She has a peaceful, soft, and thoughtful look on her face. Her arms are crossed to let you know that she takes life seriously, but her eyes are sparkling so you know that she is full of joy. It’s actually like I’m looking at a young Sarah. She looks a lot like Sarah’s mom too. They all have the same sculpted chin. Beautiful!


S@rah said...

simply beautiful post.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with you B. All the way from Cali I have developed a fond appreciation for Sarah's amazing gift to capture moments I can only enjoy through film. I feel blessed to be able to see the shots she is capturing since we can not be there to enjoy the real thing! Thanks Sarah and B for having such beautiful girls and for putting them to camera!
:-) Kristen