Wednesday, April 16, 2008


How do you teach a two and four year old that everyday of life is an extraordinary gift? This is the most recent question that I'm trying to tackle. I think there is a huge problem with the youth of our culture today. They seem to always be bored. This leads them to constantly be looking for the next experience to fill their time. The problem is that few things in life really satisfy. I really want to protect my girls from this dangerous cycle. I have this deep desire to lead my kids to a real understanding of the joy of knowing that every day is a new opportunity to love God, enjoy your family and friends, and experience this amazing playground we call our world.

In talking to my girls about this stuff, I realize that along the way I've actually lost touch with the simple beauty of just existing in our world. Mostly have stopped acknowledging and enjoying the little things. Rolly Polly Bugs, wind, blue birds, get the picture. The youthful joy of my girls over these types of things is actually reminding me of how small I am in the created order of the universe. This helps reorient me towards a life more dependant on Jesus as my connection to the Creator of it all. And I guess that's what I really want my girls to see. They need to know that their daddy finds his joy and purpose in trusting Jesus to be everything we believe him to be...and that all the things I have to "do" (meetings, work, committees, community, etc.) are secondary to God and to them. I'm rambling and making no sense, I'll stop now.

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