Sunday, April 6, 2008

Visiting Family

I've got a whole bunch of Sarah's family in town this weekend from all over the country. Great times. We've got Duluth, Minnesota represented as well as Charlotte, NC.

We are having a great time catching up, Sarah was up until almost 4AM chatting last night. Ashtyn is having a great time too. Her cousin Lauren from Duluth is 7 years old and Ashy is just completely taken with her. They play so well together. Lauren is an amazing little kid. She is half parenting to Ashtyn, and half play mate extraordinaire. When I got home last night they were both sleeping under the same blanket upstairs in the girls over sized Barbie tent that they got from Great Grandpa and GrandMary last year. It was the sweetest thing that I've seen in a while. I should have snapped a picture.

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S@rah said...

LaurYn, we aren't the only ones who like Y's. Why didn't I snap a picture?!