Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Weekend GetAway

Things have been crazy. It is amazing what can be packet into 24 hours each day. I haven't had a moment to breath deeply and remember that I'm just one person and that everything is going to be alright.

In the midst of all the travel and work related stuff that has consumed the last two weeks, I was able to sneak in a weekend camping trip with two of our closet couples friends. We stayed local and camped at a nice spot on the fringes of Jackson County called Twin Pines Campground. Weather was cool but beautiful. The only rain we get was light, and didn't hit until we were packing up Sunday. It was practically the perfect little weekend get-a-way. Between us and the other two couples from church, there were 8 little girls running around our campsites. It was a site to behold. And amazingly the 9th little girl in this group is due to be born around July 22nd.
Tom, one of the other dad's, commented that in 10 years we are going to be, by far, the most popular campsite in the park with the young boys. Hopefully the girls crazy uncles will still be camping with us and can scare them all away. That will be fun to watch.

Seriously, it is a sight to behold...8 beautiful little girls running, playing, laughing, and riding bikes. Days like that you sure know that God loves ya.

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Kristin Oimas said...

Hey B!
My parents ran into your father and he told them about your blog. I am so happy for you and all of your happiness. Your family is beautiful! I would love to catch up. Email me B, and tell Sarah I said hello!
Much love to you,