Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Shack

I just read an extremely interesting book called "The Shack" by William P. Young. The book rocked me deep and presented some interesting ideas and challenges to the traditional views of God's relationship with his creation. The book also explored probably 50 other aspects of Christian faith, all of which I am still processing and unpacking. I've given the book to many people. I hope to get their insight and have a group that I can digest the book with.

One of my most trusted spiritual advisers is my 83 year old grandma. She read the book quickly and had strong opinions about it's contents and agenda. It was great to talk to her and hear her heart on matters like the nature of her relationship with God. Funny how strikingly different each relationship is between God and his children. A book that I found deep, thought provoking, challenging, exciting, and even a bit disturbing to my preconceived notions, Grandma found fairly dull and not useful at all.

I was so thankful for Grandma's honest thoughts and opinions. I'm excited to engage you too when you get a chance to read the book. I have 30 copies, so give me a call if you would like one.


drummy said...

I was given The Shack by a friend of mine over a month ago. So many chapters in this book can be processed for days. I have found the book to have refreshed my impression of God and how daily he looks to interact with me. The book continually impresses on the main character and me how important to God is his relationship with us and that equally important to him/her is my healthy relationship with others. Interesting Side Points for discussion were God loves rock music and Jesus himself declares that he is not Christian.

B Ansel said...

The book opened my eyes to the depth of which God loves his creation..each and every one of us. Not just the guys who was born here in America and grew up in the church. I had pretty much reserved God's love and grace for "us" and not "them". Thank goodness that I am not the judge because I have proved awful in that role every time I try to assume it. I now have a strong sense of God's reaching out to ALL His creation, in ways that I can't even begin to concieve or understand. My job then is not to worry about religious differences, but to build bridges of love and respect as Jesus did.