Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Girl #3

The most significant thing that I have done in my 29 years of life journey has got to be fathering girls. Two spectacular young ladies snuggle me in the morning and call me daddy. It appears that the creator of the universe believes I'm doing an OK job, becuase I found out Monday that I have been divinely entrusted with little lady #3. I can hardly wait to see her little face, and smell her hair. Heaven on earth!

I have two amazing parents who told me they loved me my whole life, but I never realized the depth of those words until I had children. I told my mom a few months ago, "It just hit me how much you actually do love feel for me what I feel for my girls." I think she thought it was profound that I finally "got it" after years of having the words roll off me.

It appears to me that life is an amazing circle. I hope my girls know at every level of their being my deep affection for them. My experience tells me though, that it will truly be known, when they experience it for themselves. It will hit them like a bucket of joy, security, and peace being dumped on their head. It sure beats a bucket of gatorade.


jeannieansel said...

It is so wonderful to know you understand the depth of the love Dad and I have for you.

The amazing journey that began when Ashy and Emmy came into your life will only continue to blow you away with overwhelming joy and deep deep gratitued.

To know our love for you is so instrumental in your life is a true blessing for both Dad and I. The quality man you have become is one of our greatest accomplishments. To be able to call you OUR SON....Oh Brandon, you can only imagine how that makes us feel.

Having the love you feel for your children, carried on through them, is the greatest gift a parent can receive.

Keep spreading the love B.

S@rah said...

Cool blog babe, you are so post modern! :) Thanks for choosing to take this journey with me. Your 3 girls and I are blessed by you and to have you. Love Always, Me

S@rah said...

PS I love your About Me list. Love it. Love you.