Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Trip to Oklahoma

I'm working in Cleveland until Wednesday. I spent a ton of time today looking over legal documents and joint venture agreements. My eyes are seriously sore tonight. I'm getting to put together some really significant deals with my partners and our network. It is crazy though the amount of care and detail that goes into each deal. I commented to one of my colleagues last week that it's amazing that any deal ever gets done. There are just so many moving parts. I'm getting an education in finance and private equity that would probably cost $200K at Harvard or Brown.

I'm excited to see the ladies in my life tomorrow. I can tell that Ashtyn has missed me more than usual because she didn't want to hang up the phone when I had to get back to work today. I promised her that we will do nothing but play fun games over the holiday weekend. I'm going to be home alone with the girls while Sarah flies to Oklahoma to be with her family for her cousin's wedding. We decided last night to just fly her out instead of us all making the 18 hour drive. I'm sad to miss Tamara and Zack's wedding, but with Sarah being 7 months pregnant and the girls being so restless on car rides, it was the right decision.

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