Sunday, October 12, 2008

Baby Mice

So Sarah and I have no love what so ever for rodents. Sarah is truly afraid of mice. (Ask my Mom, she has seen her in action), and I am the king of the clever mouse trap. I've bought every trap possible...regular, glue, plastic, cages, poison, etc. I've tried it all over the years because I don't want any mice in my home, Period.

But Today, something funny and strange happened. I've spend the afternoon cleaning up the house and buttoning down for winter. (I'm quite behind because the 24 hour flu knocked me out for half of Friday and most of Saturday). Sarah and the girls were playing in the backyard, so I decide to clean things up a bit. I shine my grill spotless, then I quickly pick up the bulky grill cover that has been laying next to my grill for the past 2 weeks.

As soon as I pick up the grill cover, I see a mouse take off. It had been living in the nice, warm "blanket." My initial instint is to get the rodent shells loaded into my 22. But then I see a little pink blob about the size of a silver dollar curled up on the inside of the grill cover.

Baby Mouse! And it is breathing and moving.

"Ashtyn, Sarah, you have got to see this. It is amazing...wait, there is two more...and two more...and they are all alive."

Well Sarah and I share a look that probably only parents would understand. Ashtyn wants to know where there mommy is. Are they OK? Etc.

Two minutes later I've made a "mouse house" with tiolet paper, and Sarah has found a box that will provide wind protection. I carefully put them little buggers into the TP bed and put the bed into the box. Sure enough, Mommy mouse shows up about two minutes latter, but bolts when she sees us again. We're inside now, wondering if mommy is going to show up. I think she will. These mice were born TODAY, I'm sure, because as nasty as it sounds I had to clean the grill cover. (Throughly too, I hate germs.)

Anyways, I'll keep you posted on how the little guys do. I'll also let you know when I stop being so emotional and buy some new mouse traps.

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