Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat

This hole Trick or Treat thing gets more and more exciting every year when you have kids. I wonder what the bell curve looks like (stock market term) at what age does their excitement peak...and then start to decline. I know that this happen, but I can't hardly picture this not being one of their best days of the year.

Brock and I took Emer and Ashy door to door all over his neighborhood last night. We were both dressed up too (I'll get pictures on soon) Emersyn would just stare into her candy bag with awe and wonder after each house would give her a piece of candy. At one house after they dropped her treat into the bag, she stood on the porch, looked at her treasure, and started yelling and jumping up and down, "I got a sucker, I got a sucker!" Every one within 20 feet had a good smile.

Ashtyn loved the whole deal too, but I think her best experience was when we came back to Uncle Brock and Aunt Stacy's house, and SHE got to hand out the candy to kids. She loved it! She wouldn't even give kids time to come up to the front door, she would see a trick or treater, grab a handful of candy, and run outside to meet them at the sidewalk.

For the kids who did make it to the door, you just had to see the look on some of these kids faces when they say trick or treat, and a little 4 year old princess gives them 9 mini candy bars. They would look at Brock (as the grown-up) as if to say, "Do I really get to keep all that candy?" Uncle Brock was AWESOME and encouraged the girls to do whatever they wanted, that made the experience even more fun for helped that he had bought about 2000 mini candy bars, no joke!

Anyways, it was a great day, even little Teagan was dressed up and could feel the excitement. She was a little Indian Princess (Thanks DeManns) On a side note, as I type this every time I try to type FUN...I type FUND...I've truly been working too much!!!

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