Saturday, June 21, 2008

Party Day in Monroe

We are hanging in Monroe today. Two important graduation parties. Sarah's brother Jason and my cousin Kaileigh are celebrating their entry into adulthood. I spent the morning preparing my famous baked spaghetti for J's party. Almost 30 pounds of it. I try to over-cook for events like this, because it is usually a big hit.

Kaileigh's party is at Grandpa and Mary's house. That will be a relaxing and fun time with the girls. They will both want to enjoy the pool most of the whole party, and I'm more than happy to oblige.

Today is also my Grandpa's 69th birthday. Amazing, he still looks 55 and has the work ethic of someone who has never asked for a handout in his life. I set up a breakfast meeting with him last week, and after about 25 minutes, he popped up and said, "Well, I'm sorry, but I've got to get back to work at the farm." Keep in mind that he retired from 39 years at Ford Motor about 10 years ago. He still has it in him though.

My girls are dressed up in matching outfits today. I love it when Sarah does that. I'll try to snap a shot today and will post it on

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