Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Missing You

I've been working 3 days a week out of town now for about 4 months. I talk to Sarah and the girls several times a day while I'm gone though. Always great fun to talk to Ashy and Emer, they make me do the voice of the Old Tree and such. This week though every time Ashy gets on the phone, she is wimpering and demanding that I come home now and play with her, not in two days. She said today, "I really miss my boy."

Heartbreaking, Anyone who knows me knows that I'm just crazy about my girls, all 3.5 of them at this point. So you know how hard it is to have Ashtyn missing me so much. It's hard to explain that daddy's have to work, and some daddy's have to travel a bit. She doesn't get that I'm keeping a food on the table and all that, she just knows that every evening that I'm away is an evening without playing dodgeball or christmas in the basement, and that makes her sad.

I'm excited to be working from home most all of July though. (That is when the baby is due.) That will give everyone a break from me being gone in the middle of the week.

Sarah, tell the girls how much I miss you all!

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