Saturday, August 2, 2008

Traveling Buddy

You know you have a good friend (who's profession offers him some locational flexibility) when he say's, "Hey man, if you ever want some company on one of your weekly trips to Cleveland, let me know...I can work from anywhere."

I basically called Joe that afternoon and told him that it is a long drive, and some company would be incredible. That next morning at 6:45 AM we were hitting the trail to Cleveland.

There's one spare office at InvestLinc, and the team there was most gracious and warm. No one had a problem with me bringing a friend to work. We camped about 10 minutes from the office at Punderson State Park, and that was a riot.

We ate good, saw a movie, looked through houses I'm considering, had great conversation. All in all it was a huge blessings to have a buddy from Jackson get to glimpse the life I'm building in Cleveland.

This picture is of Joe and his oldest son Austin. (Who I currently deem as first in line as a potential suitor for one of my princesses...he's a good kid) Joe's middle little guy is Logan, and his youngest is a daughter, Adia. Wife...Laura, beautiful family.

Joe is the director of, and is in the process of building a world class missions and discipleship organization. My friend is an artist too, check it out at Station Six!

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