Saturday, August 16, 2008

Loving the moments

It kind of hit me hard today for the first time. I HAVE 3 DAUGHTERS. Wow, where have the last 10 years went. I officially have as many kids as my parents. What a crazy deal. I'm in love so deep with these little gals, it is an indescribable feeling. I was rocking Teagan today, and I just realized that she will never be as little as she was at that very moment. Before I know it she will be as big as Emer or Ashy. I spent the rest of a lazy Saturday trying to soak up the moments...smelling Ashtyn's hair, how it feels to kiss Emer's chubby cheeks, looking deeply into their eyes (which Ashtyn thinks are windows into a persons heart).

I have these same sappy feelings about their mom too. Sarah is still the beauty queen who showed up at youth group every now and then. My brain used to go fuzzy when I'd catch a look from her. It's all still there, just fast forward 13+ years.

It's a good life. Even through all the uncertainty, seeming injustice, and sometimes scary stuff...I've been telling God an awful lot lately how unbelievably grateful I am for my tiny part (which feels extremely important though) in this cosmic experiment!

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